Nadieh Bremer

After graduating as an astronomer Nadieh Bremer became a data scientist finding insights in the vast amounts of data that are hidden within many companies. It took a few years, but she eventually figured out that she loved the visualization of the data and insights even more than the analysis itself.

Since then she's been focusing on and experimenting with the more creative side of data visualization. Sharing her final results along with tutorials on her blog, Visual Cinnamon. These days she's doing a year long collaboration with Shirley Wu called data sketch|es and is working part-time at Adyen, where she gets the freedom to explore new ways of applying data visualization, besides freelancing as a Data Visualization Designer in her remaining days and weekends.

She was named Rising Star of 2016 by the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards and has been speaking about her passion of data visualization at international conferences.

Talk at FEC17

Data Sketches: A Year of Exotic Data Visualizations

31 Aug 201711:0012:00, Folium

"Data sketches" was a year-long collaboration between Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu, both data visualization designers, where each month they chose a topic and visualized it by the end of the month in an overly elaborate & geeky manner.

In this talk, Nadieh will share her most important lessons learned in the fundamental areas of data, sketching & coding the visual onto the screen. How some months became favorites, the mistakes made along the way, and how they were overcome.

It will especially highlight that many of the visualizations had humble, ugly duckling beginnings, but that through many (embarrassing) iterations they were turned into unique and compelling results. And finally, touching upon the impact & benefit of collaborating heavily with someone (halfway across the globe) for a year.

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