Monica Dinculescu

Monica is an emojineer at Google. She works on Polymer, web components and Chrome, and has probably at least once broken the Internet for you. She is unreasonably excited about emoji, wary of web fonts, and will become your best friend if you bring her cheese. On second thought, she may be a mouse.

Talk at FEC18

Hey! You got your code in my art!

31 Aug 2018 13:0014:00, Folium

“Creativity” is a word that covers all manners of sins. It might be art, or movies, or weird duct-tape hacks that you do around your patio to hold bird feeders up. It might mean saying something in a way that hasn’t been said before, or fundamentally changing how you others with the world. We write code that makes art, and games, and lets humans fly and banks transfer money in an instant, so what even is code, if not just another way of being creative?

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