Konrad Dzwinel

Konrad is a front-end developer at Brainly and a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. Over the years he worked for various startups, consultancies and software houses building web apps, websites and hybrid apps.

Passionate about developer tools, he built many of his own. The most popular include HTML&CSS extraction tool, SnappySnippet, and a web debugging proxy, Betwixt. Konrad is also a Chrome DevTools contributor and an international speaker.

Talk at FEC18

Closing the gap between design and code

30 Aug 2018 13:0014:00, Folium

I'd love tell other front-end developers about the topic that blew my mind last year. First of all, current state of design tooling is fascinating (how and why Photoshop was replaced by Sketch, UXPin, Framer etc.). Secondly, I'd like to show how perfectly these tools fit into the current front-end trend of building everything using components (react/vuejs/web). Finally, I'd like to go over some tools that can help close the gap: react-sketchapp (from AirBnB) and html-sketchapp (that I build).

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