Karen Kaushansky

Karen Kaushansky is an Experience Designer/Consultant working to define and design interactions 5-10 years before they are on most radars - speech recognition, conversational UIs, autonomous vehicles, mixed reality, and human-robot interactions. She started working on designing voice experiences in 1996 and is currently consulting for multiple companies pushing the boundaries in these areas. Past employers and clients include: Tellme/Microsoft, Nuance, Jawbone, Samsung, Zoox, and LEGO. Karen recently moved to Switzerland from San Francisco, and is trying to get Alexa to recognize her very basic German.

Talk at FEC18

Designing the Future, with Voice

30 Aug 2018 11:0012:00, Papiersaal

The VoiceFirst revolution is taking hold, but voice experiences are still very limited and one dimensional. In the next 2-5 years, voice technology will becomes more robust to really support context and personalization, and be able to create empowering and frictionless multidimensional experiences like never before.

In this talk, Karen will build on her 20+ years of experience designing interactive voice experiences to share a glimpse of the future - when the walls and windows are our screens, when voice can unlock the potential for interactive media, and when our conversational assistants can truly act on our behalf.

If you are new to designing for voice, this talk will lay the groundwork as you embark on designing an Alexa Skill or an Action for Google Home. And for those that have some experience under their belt, Karen builds on some of the principles, opportunities and challenges for designing voice experiences today to explore voice in different industries, and new experiences in the future.

Conversational Interface/Experience Designer


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