Jeff Gothelf

Jeff is a super sharp interaction designer from New Jersey.

As director of user experience for TheLadders.com, Jeff worked at the Agile coalface, integrating design thinking into a traditional Agile process. Since then, Jeff has become one of the world’s leading proponents of Lean UX. His articles for Harvard Business Review catapulted Lean UX into the consciousness of the business world, something we’re all thankful for. Jeff's work today mainly focuses on building and training evidence-based, customer-centered executive & product teams. These teams often utilise lean principles and agile software development.

Jeff is in huge demand as he travels the world coaching design teams on how to work more effectively.

Talk at FEC17

Scaling Lean: Principles over Process

31 Aug 201713:0014:00, Papiersaal

The term Lean has become widely popular, particularly with the word “startup” attached to it. This has led many people to believe this is an approach to work relevant only to new companies or initiatives. Lean-curious companies who have tried to implement these ideals often stall at one or two teams citing organizational complexities, politics and dependencies as insurmountable obstacles to Lean Startup at scale.

Can Lean Startup practices be scaled — not just as culture and philosophy but as tactical process? In this practical presentation, Jeff will share several methods for scaling Lean Startup techniques in large organizations exemplified in detailed case studies and professional experience. Jeff will cover knowledge management, intra-team dependencies, infrastructure requirements and several other elements of ensuring successful Lean Startup practices in companies of any size.

Author of 'Sense & Respond' and 'Lean UX'


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