Desiree Garcia

Dezzie is a designer living in Austin, Texas. Until recently, she was a Design Lead at IBM Watson, where she worked on some of the first applications for enabling people to create with AI. Since then, she's joined the product design team at Automattic, where she now gets to work on the future of WordPress. She also moonlights as an Editor for A List Apart, but also blogs about, design, psychology, and growing up with the web on dezzie.blog.

Talk at FEC18

It Takes a Village to Raise a Bot

31 Aug 2018 11:0012:00, Folium

Your job isn't going anywhere. You do not need to be a machine learning engineer to work with AI. Former IBM Watson designer Dezzie Garcia takes you through the journey of designing effective ways for people to be able to build their chatbots, from the assumption that engineering is at the center of the work. Maybe you'll be surprised, or maybe you won't–that's good! This talk is intended to get audience members to reflect on how their roles have evolved in the industry, and how this may be happening again.

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