Carolyn Stransky

Carolyn Stransky is a frontend developer and former technical writer based in Berlin. She currently works at Blacklane and teaches at ReDI School of Digital Integration. You’ll usually find her looking at memes or taking selfies in the nearest restroom.

Talk at FEC18

Humanizing Your Documentation

31 Aug 2018 14:0015:00, Papiersaal

It’s no secret that most people don’t read technical documentation for pleasure. Users often come to your docs when they are frustrated with your software, disappointed that they haven't been able to solve the problem on their own and generally feeling pretty low. This is a little sad, yeah, but being aware of these feelings is key for developers and technical writers. These emotions frame the reader’s perspective and therefore, should shape the mood of our docs. After all, when you've been stuck on a bug for hours, do you really want to read something saying 'but this is so easy'?

In this talk, we’ll discuss how the language we use affects our users and the first steps towards writing accessible, approachable and use case-driven documentation.

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