How to convince your boss to send you to #FEC18

You don't want to miss our two days packed with two days packed with great people, delicious food and inspiring talks about design & technology. We want you to be part of this year’s edition, so here's some help to make that happen:

Be prepared

Review the program. Understand the topics we cover & ready your argument that attending #FEC18 will make you a bigger asset to the company.

Sample Agenda

Create a sample agenda based on our schedule on how you'll spend your time at #FEC18. Maybe you're a UX Designer and don’t want to miss Josh Clark’s talk on AI&design. Or maybe you're into the technical side and want to hear Vitaly Friedman talk about the new adventures in responsive web design. Whatever you want to attend for, make sure you'll be able to explain to your boss why she/he should pay for it.

Outline the top three reasons for attending

Your boss is probably busy all the time, so make sure to break it down to the most essential reasons.

  • You will gain practical skills you can use in your everyday work. Our speakers will challenge the way you're currently thinking and push you to your best. Or maybe even open your mind to something completely new & exciting.
  • At #FEC18 we have real industry people talking about real success stories. A lot of your company's time & money probably goes into trial & error. Save that money by listening & talking to people who already discovered the formula of success.
  • Networking, networking, networking. Your boss is probably trying to hire another Frontend Engineer (like every other company). Where else to hire frontend people from other than at a conference purely focused on frontend design and tech? But hiring people isn't everything, you'll make new friends, meet people whose blogs you’re reading and get to know experts in their fields.

Make the official request

Now with all that great preparation it's time to face your boss. Lay down the reasons you prepared, tell her/him about the people you want to see speak and make sure you are upfront about what this will cost the company.

We're looking forward to see you at #FEC18!